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Red light violation, distance violation, speeding, alcohol driving, accident? Perhaps it is one of these accusations that leads you to us. If a (traffic) criminal investigation procedure or a fine procedure has been initiated against you, you should immediately seek advice from a lawyer for traffic law or a lawyer for criminal law. Any inconsiderate oral or written statement made to the police or to the fine authority without the assistance of a lawyer specialising in this field of law could irreversibly worsen your situation.

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Lawyers for traffic law in Hamburg and surroundings!

As nationally active criminal defence lawyers and lawyers for traffic law, we safeguard your legal interests in all traffic law matters, regardless of whether a police station or public prosecutor's office in Hamburg or elsewhere is investigating against you. We are at your disposal as a law firm for criminal law and traffic law and fight for the preservation of your driving licence and freedom.

Also in the case of a medical-psychological examination (MPU), we offer you first-class advice through close cooperation with MPU consultant Frank Keunecke. Mr. Keunecke, who works independently here in our company, helps you to regain your driving licence nationwide and to secure it for the long term if you have lost it, for example, through a drunk driving, drug-related problems or too many points in Flensburg. His portfolio includes intensive coaching, individual counselling, group counselling and MPU counselling by telephone, also via Skype. For a single consultation you come preferably from the Goßraum Hamburg or area Braunschweig, Hanover, Peine, Gifhorn, resin, Wolfsburg, Helmstedt or Magdeburg.

What is a "danger to road traffic"?

Almost all motorists will have heard something about the "deadly sins in road traffic". In § 315 c StGB with the heading "Gefährdung des Straßenverkehrs" ("Endangerment of road traffic"), the legislator has punished various "deadly sins", some of which are very different in content and worthy of punishment. These are in detail, if someone in road traffic grossly traffic offending and ruthlessly under endangerment of life and limb or property of third parties or under influence of alcohol or drugs either:

  • the right of way is not observed,
  • overtaken incorrectly or otherwise moves incorrectly during overtaking operations,
  • at pedestrian crossings,
  • is driving too fast at unclear points, at road junctions, intersections or level crossings,
  • does not adhere to the right-hand side of the roadway in unclear places,
  • turns, reverses or attempts to turn on motorways or motorways, or reverses or reverses the direction of travel; or
  • does not indicate vehicles stopping or broken down at a sufficient distance, although this is necessary to ensure the safety of traffic,

What can I do if I am accused of endangering road traffic?
In the fact of the § 315 StGB the legislator made relatively unsystematically all behaviors under punishment, which were not already individually seized in other penal norms, relatively unsystematically. Also for the defense because of the accusation after § 315 C StGB it makes of course a remarkable difference whether "only" a ruthless "right of way injury" is accused, or whether you turned on the motorway and under drug influence an accident is to have caused.

The threatened penalty from fine to imprisonment of up to 5 (!) years together with driving disqualification should in any case be reason enough to refrain from any thoughtless verbal or written statement to the police (or if necessary also penalty office), but to seek advice immediately from a lawyer for traffic law or lawyer for criminal law.

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